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The year 2017 marked the 80th year of an organized residency program in the Department of Dermatology at the Wayne State University School of Medicine. The dermatology residency program was developed in 1937 by Dr. Loren W. Shaffer and has expanded significantly through the years, training more than 250 residents and fellows during this 80-year period. Click here to learn more about the legacy of Wayne State Department of Dermatology.

Wayne State University School of Medicine - Dermatology Photo Atlas
The atlas found below is a comprehensive dermatology photo atlas. It offers elaborate images, many complete with diagnoses and differential diagnoses on almost all skin diseases.

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Select the photo or the name of either physician to see their individual image collection. To see the collection in its entirety, select the “Comprehensive Dermatology Photo Atlas”. You can also search for a specific diagnosis and or disease by using the Search function that is found on the top right of page.

Dr. Ken Hashimoto

Dr. Ken Hashimoto

Dr. Ken Hashimoto was born and raised in Niigata, Japan. Dr. Hashimoto completed his residency training at the University of Maryland in Baltimore and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston before returning to Japan for two years to study electron microscopy and histochemistry at the department of anatomy at Kyoto University School of Medicine.

He had organized a dermatology residency and a research laboratory in short order, but by 1980 he had been offered the position of chairman of dermatology at Wayne State University. Dr. Hashimoto’s time at the Wayne State University department of dermatology was very productive. He attracted some the best and brightest research fellows from around the world to Detroit to do dermatology research.

Dr. Hashimoto maintained the strength and stability of the residency program and trained over 60 dermatology residents during his tenure. Dr. Hashimoto also had multiple fellows, some of whom went on to become Chairmen of Dermatology in Japan. During his career, Dr. Hashimoto wrote the original description of congenital self-healing reticulohistiocytosis (Hashimoto-Pritzker syndrome). Dr. Hashimoto retired in 1999.

Dr. Robert J. Schoenfeld

Dr. Robert J. Schoenfeld

Dr. Schoenfeld earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan in 1949. After receiving a medical degree from Wayne State University in 1952, he returned to U of M for his internship. Immediately following his dermatology residency at Wayne State University Affiliated Hospitals in 1958, Dr. Schoenfeld received an appointment as instructor in the WSU Dermatology Department. He participated regularly in weekly grand rounds for 55 years and in 2008 was appointed professor.

Dr. Schoenfeld was one of the founding members of the Hermann Pinkus Lecture Foundation, named in honor of his mentor, Dr. Hermann Pinkus, the internationally known chair of dermatology at Wayne State University. The Foundation funds an endowed lectureship in Dr. Pinkus' honor. Dr. Schoenfeld was also chief of the dermatology division at William Beaumont Hospital for 35 years, and served a term as president of the Michigan Dermatological Society.

Dr. Schoenfeld's interest in photography which began as a hobby, developed into taking more than 20, 000 clinical slides that WSU dermatology residents have been using regularly. These slides continue to be a teaching tool.

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